Live Support at MSN Messenger!! Please add support@zcalls.com in your MSN Messenger and we will assist you Live!
Get a ZCalls DID Number (Your City landline phone number) for your home or business to receive calls Worldwide (Call forwarding)!!!
Get a ZCalls DID Number (Your City landline phone number) for your home or business to receive calls Worldwide (Call forwarding)!!!
Get a ZCalls DID Number (Your City landline phone number) for your home or business to receive calls Worldwide (Call forwarding)!!!
We Accept Paypal and Moneybookers Payments or send us an E-Mail to find a Reseller in your location !!!
Three levels ZCalls Partner program with Private label, Master, Wholesale and Retail Partners, join us to resell VoIP Services!!!
Get a ZCalls DID Number (Your City landline phone number) for your home or business to receive calls Worldwide (Call forwarding)!!!
Low rate calls using ZCalls Mobile Software for Window Mobile and Symbian based Mobile, using internet ( WiFi or GPRS)!!!
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    Q: How can I use your VoIP service?
    There are multiple ways you can use our voip services: You can register and use our web tools to make calls like PC2Phone to call any place on earth, or use Callback Dialer to trigger callback. You can download our PC2Phone Dialer to your PC and make calls from it. You can purchase any of our voip devices, PAP2, Secretary Hatif, or IP phone and make calls from any location on earth that has internet connection. Plug in our PAP2 into a broadband router and you are ready to make/receive calls any where in the world. If you are on the go, you can also WiFi phones and make your calls from hotel you staying at or your customer’s premises far away. The possibilities are numerous
    Q: Which payment methods does ZCalls offer?
    Available payment methods are Bank transfer, Moneybookers, PayPal, Western Union.
    You can pay locally, send us an email to find a Reseller in your location.
    Q: How fast will my payment be processed?
    That depends on the payment option you use. Payments by PayPal, Moneybookers, Credit card and Western Union are processed instantly. Bank Transfers might take up to 7 working days, depending on your bank & region. As soon as we receive your payment, it is processed automatically and your account will be credited instantly .
    Q: How can I create  a new Account?
    First register by filling out the application form Sign up. After successful registering, you will receive registration email with your account details. Setup your SIP device or download PC2Phone for calls via the ZCalls network.
    Q: How Can I recharge Account?
    You can recharge account at zcalls.com using your email address and User Id ( Recharge account).
    Q: How do I dial an International phone number using PC2Phone or Callback?
    It has three formats with 00(premimum), with 000(grey) and without any 0(standard).You can make international calls by putting 00 or 000 before the country code or even without putting any 0 before the country code. For example if you want to call to USA then you have to follow the following rule.. 44-201253651, 0044-201253651 or 00044-201253651.
    Q: I have lost my username and/or password. What should I do?
    You have to send an email to support@zcalls.com from your registered email with Zcalls, you will get your account details.
    Q: How do I setup my own SIP device( exp; Linksys PAP2)?
    Q: Do you also provide a reseller program?
    Yes we do. Please read Partner program for more information about resellers.
    Q: What is the Caller ID callback?
    This is a service that allows you to initiate phone calls from your mobile or fixed line that passes the caller ID internationally. Just dial the caller ID callback access number and hang up. We “grab” your caller ID and call you right back. You will then hear a message to enter your PIN and destination number. Please note that this option will not work if your caller ID is not passed or if is not complete.
    Q: I am in a country that blocks voip ports. Can I use your service?
    You can download our Tunnel Client software and install on your PC. It should open blockades most of the times. If you still have an issue, email us at support@zcalls.com.
    Q: How can I purchase a DID/ virtual number where my customers or family members can call me locally while I am in a different country?
    Review our list of countries we provide telephone numbers for, look up the setup rate and monthly rate, Click on register in our home page. Pay the applicable setup fee for the virtual number you want plus one month fee, and if you want Call Forwarding service, then fund your account to cover any forwarding cost. Shortly after payment is approved you will receive an email from us confirming payment and issuing your login password. Forward that email to sales@zcalls.com , include in the subject the words Virtual Number. Specify to us what Area code and country you want the Virtual Number in and we will process your order within 24 hours.
    Q: What codecs does your service support?
    We support G711, G729, G723.1, and GSM codecs.
    Q: What is your SIP proxy address??
    SIP proxy/server: or  zcalls.biz
     SIP port: 5060  or  5090
    Q: How do you inform me about rate changes?
    Every rate change will be announced by Email, and you will find all current rates in your account area
    Q: How do I know how much am I being charged?
    You can view our rates from Dialer prior to making call, or online by clicking Rates
    Q: How can I cancel the service?
    You can send us a special email request cancellation. We must verify identity of caller before request is granted. You can also email us your request to sales@zcalls.com and request to remove your personal information from our records.
    Q: I registered online and paid for service but did not receive any response email from you?
    Please check your BULK mail folder for email from sales@zcalls.com . It is likely been filtered. If 24 hours passed since registration and it is not in the Bulk or Junk/Spam folder, email us requesting your password and we will send it again. for quick assist please contact us Live at MSN (support@zcalls.com)
    Q: What is your balance expiration policy?
    Balance will have 6 months from date of deposit to be used. Any balance left in account unused for more than 6 months will expire and will not be refunded.
    Q: Troubleshooting?


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